Wednesday, September 5, 2012

"The Source Too Turn To"

                      When we look for ancestors the basic stone we have to turn first is, where to start.
That's simple, in the best place that suits that ancestor. Okay, maybe that's a little broad complex. Below,
I'll list a few examples that are of my own personal opinion.

Let's see here...
                        *If I'm looking for someone born after 1940, where would I look?
                                                                           Answer = "City Directories"
                        *This is a great start and a bountiful secondary source.

                         *If I'm looking for someone born after 1880 &  before 1900, where do I look and why?
                                                                            Answer = "Birth Indexes"
                                                                                 Why = Missing 1890 U.S. Census Records.
Further Still...
                         *If I'm looking for someone who died after 1880 & before 1900, where would I look?
                                                                            Answer = "Newspaper Obituaries"
                                                                                 Why = No other stable record's unless your lucky.