Monday, March 31, 2014

"Conflict In My Family Tree"

An interesting question posed to me today & I wanted to share my thoughts about it. Perhaps someone has alternate information that they can offer.

My family is in constant conflict, is it possible for me to attain the information I need advance my genealogy and find out who my biological father is?

*[What is known]
Our subject is an African-American female born in South Florida in around 1970, she received information that the man she'd known to be her father was in fact, not her father.
1. [The information was provided by a close relative & confirmed by our subjects mother afterward.]
2. [The "close relative" stated that our subjects father lived in the same town as her mother in South Florida throughout  the time of pregnancy & her birth.]
3. [As of this time, our subject has not been provided further information & the mother refuses to divulge the name of the biological father.
4. [Our subjects mother is known to her family as confrontational and there is a high likelihood that this is the reason for the conflict & lack of further information being provided.]
5. [Our subject is of African American decent, between 35-45 years of age, & her biological father is not listed as the father on her birth certificate.]
6. [The "close relative" will not provide any further information.]
7. [Our subjects mother was in the U.S. Armed Forces at the time or around the time of birth.]

*[Presumptions from the known information]
The biological father is probably also of African-American decent, born between 1945 to 1955 considering the approximate age range of our subject. The confrontational personality of the mother may be inhibiting the other family members from giving our subject the information she needs to find her biological father. The fathers identity is most likely "common knowledge" to our subjects family members. 

*[What could happen in the future]
The mother or other family member could provide the information our subject needs to identify her biological father.

*[Is there any way our subject can find her biological father without the mother or other family member providing the information.]
Yes, most likely there is a person and/ or a group of people outside the family that knows of whom she seeks, the father may also know who she is as well. DNA services are a possibility as an avenue of discovery; however, this may not provide the exact information needed to find the biological father.

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