Thursday, August 23, 2012

"Paying it Forward" Genealogy etiquette

                 There are many people who conduct Genealogy research for personal or profitable reasons. Whether we are the big shiny Genealogist or the average working class Genealogist one thing combines them, "A natural love of Genealogy."
                 Let's face it, not everyone wakes up in the morning and says, "I can't wait to search those historic records." Genealogy isn't easy to do if someone lacks the passion it undoubtedly will demand. From my experience I'm probably an average working class Genealogist. This doesn't mean that I can't do the same thing big shiny Genealogist do, it only means they have more time to do it. I love Genealogy, I'll be doing this until they put my headstone on Find a
                 I enjoy reading the articles and looking at the links that are posted on media I explore, where are the human aspects I envision. I work with people who have the ooh look at me I'm important perspective. Assuredly, they might be important and who am I to call them out. I've been after pictures from someone for the better part of a year. I even offered they name their price and I'd pay them for the pictures. I didn't even get a response. Personally, I would have rather received a "NO" the kicker is that these pictures I'm requesting to purchase were donated by my Family no less. If only they had known and could have given them while retaining the rights.
                This post is slightly a ramble of aggravation and I apologize but the point is, "protect your Family Heritage" and watch big shiny people that have nothing better to do than give you a hard time. I would like to have these pictures for my first book I've been writing and I'm drawing to a close (hence the aggravation).

                I'm remembering a promise I made to a Genealogist not to long ago and I'm keeping it now.  Have a blessed evening to the withholding person of my Family History and I wish you the kindest regards by "paying it forward."